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Date:2016-03-29 13:36
Subject:Patty Duke, RIP
Mood: sad

Just posted my condolences to Sean's Twitter. It's the only way I know to contact him.


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Date:2013-11-21 12:03
Subject:Well, almost time for my annual entry.
Mood: nostalgic

Yes, I'm still alive and still reading LJ even if I don't post more than once a year, practically. It's a bit odd, since Elvish Rose convinced me to get a Tumblr account so we can share our Hiddles giggles, that I feel more compelled to read up on LJ. It's also weird to see just how much has stayed the same in my random fandom over the decades [eep!! It's been DECADES!?] I remember my parents being all uptight about their geeky daughter being into all these strange media outlets like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel comics, even things like Lord of the Rings and Sherlock Holmes [remember READING those? *sigh*] I was watching British period dramas and the Muppets from birth it seems, and I was reciting Shakepeare when I was toddler. And my parents are still moaning over my refusal to 'grow up' Heh. At least now I know I'm not alone and the geeks have inherited the Earth.

Every once and a while I miss Chicago Fellowship. It was a strange time for me, personally, and I'm still living some of it. I'm a terrible one for looking back, really...agh, so sentimental!

But there's so much fun and dancing for this Sincere Jester nowadays. I can't help but love and enjoy it all! Fandom has given me so much, and I still believe that fans are some of the most powerful, caring people out there. Chicago Fellowship closed up years ago, but I still go to cons occasionally and just bask in the friendly carnival of it all. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to being a solitary fan [despite my Luddite-like efforts], not when so much of it has become mainstream.

So, just waving and grinning at you all. Just thought I'd say how much I love you!

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Date:2011-12-18 21:53
Subject:A Mere Decade
Mood: nostalgic

Ten years ago I sat in a dark theater and saw the Shire leap from my mind's eye onto the screen.

So much of life has gone on since that wonderful moment. For me the road has gone on and on, and I look forward to more adventures.


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Date:2010-05-10 11:47
Subject:Time traveling is such a...
Mood: pensive

I had to pop back on to Livejournal; where else can I be assured that my fellow fanfic writers will rant about a certain author's opinions on our beloved creative scribblings.

First I must say I have long enjoyed Diana Gabaldon's works; still do, matter of fact. I appreciate her style of writing, her extensive research, her complex characters, and more. I even understand the gut reaction of 'hey, these are MY creations; stop playing with my stuff!'--the lack of control an author has over their creations is going to be frustrating, especially if you encounter writing that is offensive to you. HOWEVER, it is inexcusable to put fanfic writers in the same category as pedophiles and adulterers. The very idea that she considers fanfic writing to be amoral is to me to be extremely judgmental and downright ignorant, but she can have whatever opinion and moral stance she likes. As a survivor of molestation, I am VERY offended that anyone would have the audacity to draw a parallel between fans creatively expressing their interest in their fandom [through writing, poetry, video, filking or any other creative outlet] and the perverted fantasies of criminals. It's sickening.

I have long held the opinion--and it is an OPINION, folks, not LAW--that fanfic writers must police themselves. There are several rules I choose to live by as a fanfic writer and I suggest to other writers, too:

1) Know your fandom and the originators of your fandom. Make it EXPLICIT on your writing that the characters, terms, and situations are copyrighted to the original author and that you are in NO WAY claiming them as your own. If the author has made it clear that they don't want to find published fanfic involving their work on the Net [or anywhere else], DON'T publish it. Period.

2) NEVER, EVER, associate your fanfic with money. In any form. Not even to cover the cost of hard-copy publishing to hand out at cons, not even to pay for your website, not for auctions or raffles. NO PROFIT, period. Don't even ask for donations for your fanfic costs. If you can't cover any costs yourself, don't involve your fanfic. Trust me on this one: IT AIN'T WORTH THE PRICE.

3) Stay anonymous, especially to the authors. Do not ask the authors for feedback on your writing, don't slip them your website address or photo manips at book signings or conventions, do not ask for endorsements, don't even bring it up to them. Ever. Some authors feel required to take legal action if they become aware of the fanfic, and at the very least, some feel that reading such writing could influence their own writing. Keep it in the fandom, by fans for fans.

The entire situation with Diana could have been avoided if the woman arguing her point had just taken the time to realize she was talking about a fanfic she had read, not the canon of the author RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. It would have been far easier for Diana to simply say, 'I didn't write that; if you'd read my books, you'd know that, and that was probably a fanfic--take your issue up with them. I don't wanna know about it.'

Fanfic writing is NOT illegal, despite what Diana asserted in her rant. Much of it is poor quality, I agree, but then again, it is by definition FAN generated, and not every fan is a good writer; in fact, I daresay MOST fans are not. We write because we love the fandom and perhaps because we like writing and sharing with other fans; it's an expression of fandom, folks. And it ain't going away. Live with it.

Okay, that being said, my header was my reaction to scrolling back to catch up a bit with my LJ friends, and being amazed that I seem to have traveled in time yet again. Wow! I haven't aged, have I? Yet it seems that time has passed and we've all been living our lives. It's a most disconcerting feeling, really, especially reading back over some of my own posts. Ah, well. Lots of memories, anyway. Wonder when I'll check back on LJ next...

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Date:2010-01-14 20:21
Subject:Haunted by the Ghost of Fandoms Past...
Mood: thoughtful

Yes, I know you're all blinking at your screens and exclaiming, "Is that TEL? On LJ? What ever happened to HER?" [actually, I suspect that if anyone is reading this, they're going, "Who's tel, again?" Anyway...]

I most definitely win the prize for most infrequent LJ blogger, since I seem to be averaging an ANNUAL post. *cringe* Truth is, I just...moved on.

But I occasionally check in, and a few local people know I'm alive and well [very much more so than in years past, I must admit.] Just had another b-day, and I thought I cruise over to LJ and see how things are. Lots of current events, both personal and public, have brought me back to thinking about my former fandom activities and such, so I got back on LJ to catch up.


In some ways, I wish I hadn't.

*deeper sigh, and thoughtful pause*

I'm not going to dig up muck that should have turned to compost long ago. I'm out of it, out of a lot of that madness. I hope I can say, I've just grown up. I've moved on to other fandoms. I still raise my glass to professor and read and re-read my books and even some fics, but I'm done with the wank. I wanted to enjoy LOTR again.

Happy birthday to me. [It was yesterday.]

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Date:2008-04-17 12:02
Subject:Looking back while running in place.
Mood: awake

I realised this morning that I hadn't read any LOTR fanfiction in ages, nearly as long as it had been since I wrote any. My last foray into such was last AUGUST, if it can be believed, and is in fact the last time I posted anything to my LJ, if I'm correct. Hardly an excuse, that it's been a horrid winter filled with much illness on my part [although luckily nothing like the bleeding I was subject to in the past.] or that I've started working again, as an office manager in a building that is ironically right around the corner from where we had ELFmoot 2007.

I fell into an odd bout of memory re-surfacing when I got to work today, no doubt in part because Passover is mere days away now, and was thinking about all the strange and wonderful turns I've taken since diving into LOTR fandom via the films, and I found myself scribbling [very well, typing] a quick double drabble, which I posted over on my LJ archive, fics_by_tel . I'd really love to participate in more LOTR gatherings, especially with writing, if only RL scheduling will permit it.

There's far too much to go into regarding said RL; Not sure when I'll get a chance to update, but most likely not in the next week or so. All's well, as they say, and yes, I am still alive and occasionally kicking. More later!

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Date:2007-08-13 20:29
Mood: shocked

Every once and a while I've gotten so fed-up with life as I'm living it that I wander through Craigslist just to see if there's anything out there. Found an ad for a job that I thought would fit, and almost for laughs sent in my resume. I haven't had a job in so long and been turned down so many times, I wasn't thinking of letting it get my hopes up. But.....I got a call, went on interviews, contemplated that this might actually be real and my life will take a radical change very, very soon...

...and I got the job.


Like, a REAL job.
A full time job.
With a real salary.



[Wanna hear something even more weird? elvish_rose got a full-time job today, too. In essence, the income in my house nearly doubled...]

*am still in shock*

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Date:2007-08-11 22:24
Subject:Happy Birthday, elvish_rose!
Mood: happy

We all know you're really 21 [with several years experience... ;) ] but as an honorary elf, you get to be immortal.

Much love to you, sweetling. Here's to many more!

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Date:2007-08-10 18:13
Subject:Just for Froday
Mood: accomplished

I put my ELFMoot 2007 fic challenge up at fics_by_tel : Hope Unquenchable. Enjoy!

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Date:2007-03-28 22:35
Mood: busy

Wow, I've missed a lot of birthdays on my f-list recently...Happy Birthday to you all; you know who you are. and if it wasn't your birthday, well, happy UN-birthday!

The pre-holiday clean-out is in full swing, of course. I took a pause on Sunday for a quick bout of stomach upset that flattened me for about two days. Not the way I wanted to spend Ring Day [with the most profound apologies to Rakshi, since I had at least wanted to call you, Rak, and was completely incoherent at the time.]

Not enough time for more than that at the moment. Things won't really settle down until mid-April, after Passover.


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Date:2007-03-15 14:59
Subject:And now an update from Tel's existance:
Mood: cheerful

okay, since a bunch of folks have been wondering...

I'm way deep into cleaning the house out for Passover, which is like OCD on crack and makes Spring cleaning look like a 30-second Mr. Clean commercial. It's major stuff and occupies nearly every waking moment now [and even gets into my dreams, like when I quasi-woke up this morning at around 4 a.m. to a kitty's plaintive mewing for cuddles and was listing what part of each room I'd tackle today. Manic upswing, anyone? yeah...] My life is set by my Jewish calendar, that's it, simple.

But I have had some fairly fun days, lately. On the one day this week it hit over 70 degrees I finally took Jen to Brookfield Zoo to see the wolves, etc. and got in more fresh air, sunshine and walking than I have for 2 months. All quite enjoyable. I've been a Weight Watcher for about 10 months now and have gotten rid of nearly 35 lbs. Every day's a challenge, but I'm going strong and working it.

I'm still reading JRR's works and the occasional fic. My writing has gone down to, er, nothing recently. To be fair, my computer died and I was cyber-bereft for weeks, so I'm a bit behind in everything online. The tax return supplied me with a new laptop, so I'm getting back into the swing of things, albeit slowly.

Other interests have been rp's based on the 'Anita Blake' vampire series by Laurell K. Hamilton. It's been fun, but it's nowhere near as fast-paced or involved as the LotR rp's I had done. I read her books over and over, too. Light stuff, but fun. And Jen has gotten me deeply into Phantom of the Opera fandom, although Lon Chaney Jr. will always be Erik to me. [Sorry, Gerry!]

I've been working on making a huge amount of sock dolls [I call 'em Wellbys] to sell at Anime Central, the massive anime con coming here in May. I also have a bunch of new beads, so I want to make some things for profit out of those, too. Of course, I'll happen to keep some for myself, heh.

Hubbit's new job at the bakery is still at the muck-out stage, and he's pleased that Passover approaches, as he doesn't want to think of baked goods, crumbs, anything that has to do with flour and yeast and creatures that consume them for some time. I think it's ironic that I'm a Weight Watcher and my hubby is manager of a bakery!

The kids are doing well. Up, downs and all arounds, esp. with children 2 & 3 and medications, but things are getting better overall. In fact, it's time for me to go pick them up from school, so I'm off and back to Real life.

Not a very long post, but it's a quick wave to my LJ f-list, at least.

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Date:2007-02-18 08:02
Subject:Falling down memory lane
Mood: contemplative

Ever read your past LJ posts? I read my entire LJ this morning [not difficult, considering I post once every three months or so.] Rather interesting to see all that stuff going back to the beginning of my current LotR fandom, ie the movies. Went time traveling back to 2002...remember when it was all new, fresh and wonderful?

I can't help but wonder what happened to so many people I was close to then. Uluithiel? Peebs? So many others seemed to have vanished. Maybe they simply don't want to know of me anymore. But I think about them. And then there's the fading of the local fandom. Trudy's keeping the fandom alive here, so it seems, but I feel distant from it; locked out and even dumped. Selfish, maybe, that I wonder: does anyone miss me, Chicago Fellowship, all that? Did it mean anything? Was it me and my stuff that disappointed them in some way? I have an odd sense of commitment and loyalty to my interests, and I guess it colors my feelings when my fellow fans seem to slip away without farewell and good luck. I suppose I'd rather have someone tell me point-blank, "I think you're a total wanker, loser, general fuck-up and I can't stand you or how you live your life" than to have silence and apathy, and wonder if there's even is a reason for going separate ways. [Anyway, pass on the message, if there's any friend-of-a-friend people out there; I doubt my former associates will see this on their own.]

We've all moved on to some extent, I know that. I've had a lot more focus on my health, family, just living outside cyberspace. New interests added to the old ones, of course. I noticed I often expressed bafflement as to why I even blog, but in reading over my LJ, I think it's because I want to connect to others, even if they're far away or living their own lives in all their silly details. Yes, the information is trivial, but the connection isn't. You know, I don't think I've ever had more than 10 replies to a single post. But I value those replies and the friends who made them. So, I suppose this is just a thanks to the few who have read and replied and still keep me on your friends lists. I cherish you all.

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Date:2006-09-11 10:50

[It's been three monthes since I've posted to LJ, but somethings just have to be written here.]

I remember:

being surprised at finding my boss trying to load CNN online at the office computer, instead of being in class

hearing the fear and shock in the reporters voices on the radio

the stillness of everyone around me

hearing those horrible sounds of destruction

thinking of my children, my babies, where I had dropped them off at school a few blocks down...and feeling that was too far away

the knowledge that the world had just become more darker, frightening and sad

the helplessness and wondering what we each could do

others wishing a medic well as he rushed to catch the last flight to NYC, to help in recovery efforts

that there were heroes being made out there, too

and I remember the empty skies, so clear and blue and quiet. It seemed there were other unseen and holy things there now, and we dared not enter there.

I still think of that day when the skies were empty, and the part inside me, inside us all, that was emptied that day, too. Every time I see destruction, suffering, pain, the things that divide and isolate us, I can only touch that shared emptiness and remember that in the dust we were all the same, and that it was our actions that made the difference that day.

I hope. Now I hope.

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Date:2006-03-30 20:15
Subject:Drive-by post from Tel
Mood: drained

hiya, everyone, and yes, I actually managed to sit at the computer for more than 30 seconds. Which today is an amazing feat, considering I was flat on my back for most of it. More on that later~

Being at Rakshi's last week [wow, it's already a WEEK] was wonderful and just what I needed to gather my wits, do a little reading & writing, and just have some great R&R. Talk about eclectic movie watching! I managed to get in seeing Everything Is Illuminated, Walk the Line, A Perfect Murder, And the Band Played On, and a great gay film called Love! Valour! Compassion!, not to mention part of Return of the King, Copycat, and several hi-def nature programs. Yes, I am a certified couch potato, and proud of it!

I also managed to tackle some of the huge backlog of fics I had to read, and remembered why I so love fanfic, esp. when it's written by someone as talented as Beiz. And Rak...you better tell me what happens in that latest SA/EW--don't keep a girl waitin' here! I even tapped out a fic of my own, which will be posted soon on my fics LJ, fics_by_tel. Friend it, I'll friend you, and more fun reading will ensue.

Passover is just days away and I was hit full force with the typical round of kids being ill before I even got back from the train station. Today it was my turn with the vicious return of my bleeding and other misery. Before I get any scolding, I did go to the doctor and she's ordered the next round of tests, so we'll see if I can actually get to the bottom of all this circus and start aggressively treating things. But today it was lay down, feet up, painkillers and wet compresses. Thanks to all the other members of the house who pitched in, followed the house rules and helped out; it's good to see the progress and made all of our lives easier in the end.

There's a zillion more things to write about of course, but I really do have to go rest again, if only so I can deal with the daily grind and pre-Passover cleanup tomorrow. I never really have gotten into the habit of blogging the boring little details of my mostly uneventful existance with any consistancy, anyway, but you knew that, didn't you? Hopefully it means that when I do manage a post, it doesn't get lost in the shuffle and will be read.

'Til next time~

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Date:2006-02-15 11:49
Subject:Send in the Marines. Please. I could use the Backup.

Why is it that I try my damnest to do things right, get myself together, and be a responsible, mature adult...and everything still gets completely fucked up around me?

And why do I seem to be the only one still functioning and/or the only one who cares? I don't remember signing up to be the Reality Trooper.

sorry, Angry Woman Rant.
Never mind and go back to your regular emo lives.
oh, wait, no one really reads this.


And how's your day?

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Date:2006-01-28 22:25
Subject:Yes, I know I need new icons.

since I was doing calendar stuff anyway, I figured I should scribble some utterly useless info here for my own benefit.

LIST of CONS 2006:

February 9-12 CapriCon XXVI
May 5-7 ACEN
May 26-29 MediaWest*Con {Michigan}
June 9-11 DucKon 15
July ??? ELF {NYC?}
July 1-4 GotF Toronto
July 20-23 Comic-Con {San Diego}
August 3-6 WizardWorld Chicago
August 10-13 GenCon Indy
September 1-4 Dragon*Con {Atlanta}
November 10-12 WindyCon 33
November 24-26 Chicago Tardis

This are just local and/or 'of interest to me' cons. If anyone knows of ones I missed & should add, let me know. Is there any more info on ELF? I should also say that of course I'm not going to all of these; I'll be lucky if I attend even 2 or 3 of them. Mostly I was trying to find a good date for having this LOTR event over the summer. So far June is sounding pretty good. [I can't believe I'm even seriously considering it...I must be mad!]

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Date:2006-01-28 22:20
Subject:they say it's your birthday....
Mood: cheerful

Happy 25th to our blue-eyed boy! Live, love, laugh and be happy.

~Belateds to Alan [my fave blue-skinned boy] and, last but not least, happy 350th to Wolfy.~

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Date:2006-01-22 09:41
Subject:Feeling much better now.
Mood: content

Previous post can be explained away by the fact that it seemed I was coming down with the stomach flu on top of missing ORC. *sigh* Much better now.

The costume party was fun, but in terms of attendence, it was an utter wash. I'm feeling a rise of being on the tightrope again. I haven't offically retaken my leadership of Chicago Fellowship, and at the moment, I feel it can go one of two ways: either just give the damn thing up already and stop fighting fan apathy to keep Tolkien fandom going with CF, or throw myself into yet another event [and there is a potential good one--a movie marathon.] I just don't know if anyone cares.

On the bright side, though, the pics from ORC have cheered me up enough that I was truly happy for those attending. I hope there will be many more such events [and I hope I get a chance to be part of them] but unlike last year, I'm enjoying hearing about my friends' experiences with the lads and all. Rakshi, I'm already packing my bags to visit you, I mean it!

Love you all.

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Date:2006-01-19 07:46
Subject:Pity-Party in Progress [skip it if you're busy]
Mood: moody

I suddenly realised why I've been so mopey the past few days: I'll be missing ORC again this year. I was crazed about getting there last year, and when I heard that Sean & Elijah were going to be there this year I damn near went mad. Last year I was so upset, I couldn't even enjoy reading others' reports. But there just isn't enough cash, esp. with ulilities inching toward 4 digits...

But, hey, I guess we all can't go. So all of you going, have fun, take pics, and someone prop Rakshi up when she swoons. {and don't let her hide in the back of the room, either! ;) }

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Date:2006-01-16 10:51
Subject:psa: LOTR costume party in Chicago
Mood: hyper

Not able to make it to ORC this year? Well, pull out your LOTR garb and join
LOTR Chicago Fellowship for a party filled with costumes, food, and a viewing of 'Return of the King' [extended version] on a 12-foot screen with Dolby surround sound system. Whether you're dressed as a Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf, Wizard, Orc or Ent--or just as a fan!--please show your love of Middle Earth and LOTR fandom and come watch the show!

When: January 21, 2006 7:00 pm
Where: Congregation Agudas Achim Northshore, 5029 N. Kenmore, Chicago, IL
[2 blocks from Argyle station, CTA red line]


~suggested donation: $5.00 [proceeds go directly to their building
restoration fund]~

Please contact Tel at az_tel@sbcglobal.net for more information and
directions. Let us know you'll be coming [and what you'll be wearing :) ]!


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